Boston Is Chalk Full of Potential Adventures

Hey y’all! As we have this crazy warm weekend, I’m reminiscing about all the adventures I went on my first year, so I thought I would share some of the reasons I love going to school in Boston!

To start, Northeastern specifically is in such a solid spot in the city because there are two T stops on campus, one for the orange line and one for the green line, so the accessibility to go places is very much there. With this helpful public transportation also comes so many places around the city to travel to and take advantage of, and if you play your cards right you can do it for free or at a very low cost. As a Northeastern student, we have a special deal with the Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) so that we get free tickets! The MFA is also basically across the street from campus, so it is really accessible. I personally do not frequent museums, but I still found myself going a couple times just to go check out what was there.

Another free opportunity that might be less known is through the BPL. Anyone can get a library card at the BPL with proof that they have received mail in Boston, and they even hand out postcards that you can send to yourself for this proof. Through the BPL you can request free/discounted tickets for different places around the city. My friends and I were able to reserve 4 free tickets to visit the Boston Aquarium which was such a fun time! This is also when not having classes on Friday came in very clutch my first semester. I’ll spare showing you all the pictures I took on the visit, but here’s a photo of one of the main sea turtles because turtles are objectively the best animals.

For the sporty side of my Boston exploration, I was able to go see several Bruins and Celtics games for just $5 per ticket! Sounds crazy I know, but through the Resident Student Association this is possible. About twice a month, my residence building’s hall council would send out an email with a google form to sign up for tickets which were first come first serve. I was on the hall council, so I got to be the behind the scenes of it all which had pros and cons to it. Cons were that people would cancel at the last minute, and I’d often have to scramble to fill that missing ticket spot. Pros were that I often could be one of the people to fill the missing slot hence being able to go to so many games. This is another time when public transportation pulled through as the TD Garden is just about a 20 minute T ride away from campus. I am very much a Wisconsin sports fan, so it was interesting to go to games at TD Garden and participate in their slightly different stadium traditions. I also love just being a part of a crowd and having a team to cheer on, so going to these games with my friends made for top tier memories.

One of the other exciting things for me was coming to a bigger city where artists stop for concerts!! I love Milwaukee, but most often if I wanted to go to a concert, it would have to be in Chicago which was a little bit of a hassle to get to. Much less of a hassle was when my friend and I got to see LIZZO in concert, and it was just a couple T stops away at Agganis Arena at Boston University. Just remembering that I was in the same space as Lizzo, even if it was 100 feet away and with 150 people between us, leaves me speechless. On the way back, my friend and I ended up walking because all the people leaving the concert were really packed into the T, and it wasn’t as bad of a walk as you’d think and helped to develop more of a mental map of Boston.

These were just a small number of the things I was able to do all in my first semester at college and all together at a pretty low cost for high quality memories. 

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