What Makes College Fun (part 2)

I present to you the highly anticipated part two!

One thing you gotta know about me is that I am obsessed with a bargain or doing things for free, so I adore the Resident Student Association (RSA) because they offer so many awesome experiences and it is all covered by our residence fee. So, I guess as my dad always used to say, “It’s not free; it’s included.” Having it included though is all the more reason to take advantage of it because you’d be paying for it anyway.

I will now make my way back to the point. I primarily was a member of RSA as a member of Hall Council, a group of people who plan events for their residence hall and coordinate discounted sport and theater tickets. I was still on the email list, so I was able to be notified of events that they held. Right at the start of the year, they were going on a retreat, and I had started to get a little bit cramped in Boston; so, of course, I wanted to spend a weekend out in the woods with a bunch of strangers. To be fair, the bunch of strangers part was a little daunting, so I asked a couple of my friends to join me, and most of them didn’t want to give up their weekend to be not partying, but I was able to convince two of my friends to join, and we had an absolute blast. It was an amazing weekend where I got to meet a lot of really cool people and play the game Werewolf for the first time!

Another fun event that was ~included~ with the resident fund that I attended was grabbing lunch at Qdoba and going to an escape room. What I love about RSA is that all of these events that they run are available to any on-campus residents, so it was really easy to ask my friends to go because it did not require any sort of club membership.

I spent much more time working on Hall Council than being a part of RSA specifically. For similar reasons of enjoying RSA, I loved being on Hall Council with the extended benefits that being on Hall Council allowed us to dictate what the events we ran were and how the money was spent. Our first event of the year was a Halloween event where we hosted “Trick or Meeting” to both hand out candy and help people in the building get to know each other because East Village is a big place. We then held a couple different food related events and a sticker design competition that had to be cut short because of COVID. So, I would very much recommend tuning into what your Hall Council sends out because they probably put a lot of work into planning it plus there is probably free food or cool things that come about from it!

A club I just joined is WRBB radio as I just got a radio show (quick plug for my insta @theconglomeratewrbb)! Essentially most of the club work is having a one hour show once a week, but the Slack for the show is really active where people are sharing their music choices and supporting each other’s shows, and it’s just a really cool space with a whole ton of different people that are all able to connect with just the common vibes of having a weekly show. I also find student radio a really interesting platform to listen to, so I would super recommend saucing a listen to wrbbradio.org and get a vibe of what some of the students’ vibes are through music and the different commentary they put out!

Before coming to Northeastern one thing I had never heard of was this sport called “broomball,” and it quickly became one of my absolute favorite things. For those of you who like me did not know what broomball is, it’s a sport you play on an ice rink but instead of wearing skates you wear your sneakers and you hit around this mini soccer ball using a paddle. I added a picture of my roommate and me to visualize the vibes a bit. The rules are similar to soccer, and it’s honestly just a fun time of sliding around on the ice. But how do you do this at Northeastern? Well it’s simple. Through the intramural sports league there’s a broomball option and you only need 8-12 people to form a team. I first was introduced to it because there is a required minimum of two women playing at a time, I was in the hallway outside of my room and someone on my floor needed another player for their team, and I was like why not. Even though I didn’t know anyone else on the team, I had an absolute blast with it. My second semester I made a team of my own and once again had so so much fun, so I cannot wait to get back to campus and back on the ice!

This is getting to be super long again so cheers if you’re still reading and curious about what else can there even be for one person to do and still have time for school, but no worries because I’m almost done.

Finally, how could I post a blog post on my Husky Ambassadors blog about clubs and organizations I’m involved in without mentioning Husky Ambassadors??? Not to choose favorites or anything, buuuut HA has introduced me to so many awesome people that I must say I absolutely cannot imagine my college experience without it. Also, because I want to have as many experiences as possible to share with prospective students, HA inherently encourages me to be a more outgoing student and take advantage of as many opportunities presented to me as possible. In addition to a good bargain, I also think it is very important to be grateful for what life has presented to me and talking with prospective students encourages me to always be mindful of all that I do at Northeastern (good or bad) and how it is helping me develop my identity and prepare me for my future. I’m also objectively one of the most extroverted people that I know, so to be a part of an organization of a bunch of other really extroverted people is so so awesome.

I know that was a lot to read through, but hopefully I have given y’all an insight to a small slice of the club/org life that we have going on here! I truly would not have had as fun of a time in college as I have had without meeting and spending time with the variety of people that I have through all these activities. The college experience is what you make of it, and there are so many opportunities around available to take advantage of!

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