Alexa, Play 24k Magic

So so soooo beyond happy to announce that I finally have some co-op news to share with y’all!! Last week I had 3 whole interviews for different co-op positions, and *spoiler alert* a couple days ago I accepted an offer! It was also kind of crazy to see how fast the whole process turned aroundContinue reading “Alexa, Play 24k Magic”

What Makes College Fun

So I was looking through my previous posts trying to decide what to write about because I feel like I’m too early in the coop search process to start blogging about that quite yet (aka that will be my next post), and I realized that I have not talked at all about all the clubsContinue reading “What Makes College Fun”

Sweet TBT to My First Year

Hey bloggees (is that a word?)! I am currently writing but also celebrating because I was accepted to be an Honors Living Learning Assistant (HLLA), and so from my excitement about that I thought why not take the time to talk about my first year living experience a little bit!  So, one of the hugeContinue reading “Sweet TBT to My First Year”


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